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2014 - present
Owner & Graphic Designer

I officially started DESIGNBYNAGEL in January 2014, providing full marketing and design services. I have worked on projects of low to medium size in Africa, Asia and Europe. Working for clients within hospitality, logistical, health, military, retail and the real estate sectors.

I am therefore very comfortable handling various areas of running a small company: Marketing, Sales, Design, Management and Finance.

I have worked on showrooms, exhibitions, websites, displays, POS, outdoors campaigns, corporate identity and packaging, brochure - just to name a few.

Web Design | Packaging | Branding | Exhibition Design | Corporate Gifts

Outdoor Concepts | Store Design | Project Managing | Showrooms Concept Design | Merchandise | Advertising| Sales | Product Packaging | Web-sites | Development



2012 - 2013
Senior Graphic Designer

In September 2012 I started as the Senior Graphic Designer at My position involved working across all the departments, such as the IT team, management and marketing. I did web-design, created online banners, billboards, brochures, magazine ads, exhibition stands etc.
At I learned more about the full function on a website, the sales flow and what a good functional website requires.

Web Design | Magazines | Brochure | Micro Sites | Exhibition Concepts Outdoor Concepts | Advertising | Marketing Assistance


2011 - 2012
Graphic Designer Autodata Middel East

Having just arrived in Dubai, I began as Autodata’s in-house graphic designer.
I redesigned their logo, created a design guideline, redesigned their website and was also responsible for the logo and design-line of their customer club, AIF. The sales manager put me in charge of the ”Carguide - an evaluation guide for car salesmen. My responsibility was designing, gathering sales information, printing and distribution. In the last period of my employment, we got a partnership with Tasjeel testing stations. I became the coordinator for this project and was responsible for design, developing and coordinate all needed POS and sales materials to these stations.

Web Design | Design Guidelines | Brochure | Concept Design for AIF and Carpass | CarGuide (sales journal) | Tasjeel Coordinating | Logo designs


2007 - 2011

Graphic Designer Hi3G (3 Mobile)

In 2007 I became 3’s offline designer. As their in-house designer, I was responsible for all types of creative tasks for the sales and marketing department, HR, PR and management teams. In 2011, I was given the task to design and coordinate the renovation of the 38 mobile stores, placed all over Denmark. The tasks consisted; Coordinate time schedule for all the artisans. Managing the budget for each store and its needs. Buy interior decorations, furniture, merchandise etc. Design and create all the interior items: Posters, banners, price tags, uniforms etc. and also design and create the opening campaign, which needed to match each store individually, do to different target groups and store placements in Denmark.

POS Materials | Nationwide Campaigns | Ads | Flyers | Brochure |
Store Concept | Exhibition Concepts | Foiling | Production & Distribution


2005 - 2007
AD & Graphic Coordinator debitel later became

In 2005 I decided to leave the “nest” – so to speak. My next stop became the Telecom industry as an in-house graphic designer at debitel. Being the only designer in the marketing department, I handled every design and printing task that was requested from the B2B and B2C department, but also assisted the management team with presentations and sales materials. I created brochures, newsletters, POS, household distribute advertising, displays and web- design. When the Project Manager left the company in 2016, I overtook her duties while studying International Trade & Marketing.

Household circulated newspapers | Brochure | POS | Newsletters | Illustrations Online Production | Presentations | Display | Advertising Sales Negotiations (printers and suppliers)


2000 - 2005
Trainees Graphic Designer Datagraf Copenhagen & Auning

I was trained at Datagraf AS, where I developed a strong base of design.
I would attend design meetings, shadowing senior designers and provide design support for 4 years. For 1 year I was trained in web-design, HTML coding and designing Flash banners. Illustration tasks were performed in hand drawings, collage and typography was also a part of my education. Because Datagraf Auning had their own printing and bindery, I was also taught the knowledge of the full graphic production. My interest and curiosity for prepress, print and production, grew big in my time at Datagraf Auning and has been with me ever since. When I graduated as a Media Graphic Designer, I was offered a role as a graphic designer in the Copenhagen office. I was awarded with my own clients and own magazines and became co-responsible for producing annual reports, design guidelines and concept designs.

Customer Managing | Brochure Production | Magazine Design | Annual Reports | Layout | Web Design | Logo Design | POS Materials | Illustration Design | Proof Reading | Prepress | Online design | Coding | Print & Binding






Word Press

Microsoft Office



Danish -  Fluent

English - Fluent

German - Moderate

Norwegian - Moderate

International Trade & Marketing
Niels Brock - business school



Project  Management



​Media Graphic Designer
Copenhagen Technical Academy

​2000 - 2004












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